Boha with bag drones

 Excellence Model

The bag drones makes it possible to make one or two low bass drones (-1 or -2) sound, which give a sound base to the musician's playing.

It places the instrument in a harmonic scheme since it generates the fundamental note of the key played.

Il place l'instrument dans un schéma harmonique puisqu'il génère la note fondamentale de la tonalité jouée.

The notes 

3-tone model: SOL DO & LA

4-tone model: SOL DO LA & D


Another choice can be made by the musician.


It is a model adapted to the professional musician or the experienced amateur.

An ear trained to properly tune the drones and a minimum of autonomy in adjustment is necessary

1550 €

Possible options

Additional play hole with  :

  • plug 30 € ou 

  • half-plug: 10 €

Custom-made bag.  + 50 €

Tin/plumd décoration  : + 250 €

-Goretex pocket covered with black leather



Additional note: 50 €

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