Caremèra Excellence

    Possible Tunes

  • G/C/Am

  • A/D/Bm

Caremèra 7 holes or more


Fa# can be transformated in Fa (see photo and text below)


Blowpipe and  and reeds compartment are lined up


Boxwood instrument


Acétal and carbon fiber reeds

Possible options

Additional play hole with  :

  • plug 30 € ou 

  • half-plug: 10 €

Custom-made bag.  + 50 €

Tin/plumd décoration  : + 250 €

The innovations developed by Yan in the early 90s consist in the addition of an octave playing hole and another for the sensitive.


This last point modifies the timbre of the instrument because the notes are recalled on the sensitive and not on the horn.

Boxwood instruments

with acétal and carbon fiber reeds . 

240 € avec bouchon fa/fa#

The Fa# can be transformed into Fa thanks to an additional play hole that can be adjusted with a plug

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