Yan Cozian, bagpipe maker, but also

musician, researcher, programmer and teacher

The musician


Yan is passionate about bagpipes, boha of course and also bodega and musettes Centre France. He also plays flutes, caremère and popular oboes, and then singing, singing in Occitan langage.


Although he has his roots in traditional Gascon music, his musical experiences are eclectic since he has played both in the symphony orchestra of the Ensemble Instrumental des Landes and in the group Aliòs (Rock/Trad). 


A renowned soloist, he plays and has played in many musical groups and frequently develops artistic projects.


He is also a composer, arranger, and more than twenty albums carry his creations.




The researcher


In parallel with a research on his interpretation, he wanted to develop the technical potential of his bagpipe, adding new drones and new melodic possibilities to the instrument. 


Gascon scottish played with a  boha with bag drones and samplers.

Song in occitan langage.

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